Mario Lemieux’s NHL Hockey Records

Mario played his entire NHL career with the Pittsburgh Penguins and is still part of the organization, he had ten NHL seasons with 100 or more points and once came within 1 point of reaching the 200 mark. Here are some of the many outstanding records that Lemieux established and that have yet to be topped.

Mario Lemieux NHL RecordsMario Lemieux NHL Records - The Mario Mosaic in Pittsburgh

  • Ranked 7th in all time NHL points (1701)
  • Ranked 9th in all time NHL goals (690)
  • Ranked 10th in all time NHL assists (1033)
  • The only player in NHL history to be named to captain a team three separate times.
  • Most shorthanded goals scored in a single season (13 – 1988-89)
  • Most goals scored in one period (4 –  1997)
  • Most points in an All Star Game (6 – 1998)
  • Longest NHL goal scoring streak (12 games)
  • The only NHL player to score over 30 Power Play Goals in more then one season
  • One of only two NHL players to score over 10 Short Handed Goals in more then one season
  • The only NHL player with three 8 point games
  • Was involved in 57.3% of his team’s goals in 1988-1989, the highest percentage in NHL history
  • Highest goals per game average including playoffs in a career (0.749)

[Image Source: David Fulmer[email protected]]

Mario Lemieux’s Pittsburgh Penguins Records

  • Most Games Played (915)Mario Lemieux NHL Records - 5 NHL goals, 5 different ways
  • Most Goals Scored (690)
  • Most Assists (1033)
  • Most Points (1723)
  • Longest scoring streak (12 games)
  • Longest point streak (46 games)
  • Most Goals in a single season (85 in 1988–89)
  • Most Assists in a single season (114 in 1988–89)
  • Most Points in a single  season (199 in 1988–89)
  • Most Assists in a playoff season (28 in 1990–91)
  • Most Points in a playoff season (44 in 1990–91)
  • Most Goals in a game (5, four occasions including playoffs)
  • Most Assists in a game (6, three occasions, shares record)
  • Most Points in a game (8, three occasions including playoffs)